Crockett Long Rifle
Compare the Crockett Long Rifle above with the one Davy Crockett is holding in the Battle at The Alamo!

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Historic Franklin, Tennessee

Davy Crockett
in the Battle at the Alamo

Davy Crockett at the Alamo
The family lore is that Davy came by Forge Seat in Williamson County and picked out a Crockett long rifle made by his Crockett Cousins to take to the battle at The Alamo. He died at the Alamo in 1836.

The Old Courthouse on the SquareOldCourthouse


Historic Franklin is a totally walkable small town with conveniently located free parking on the street and in parking garages.

           Historic Sights...
           Lotz House Civil War Museum......
           Carter House Battle of Franklin tour......
           Carnton Plantation Historic plantation home tour......

           Natchez Trace Parkway Nashville to Natchez MS......
           Arrington Vineyards Tours and wine tasting......

The Music Scene: The opportunities for music events are too numerous to mention. Simply click on the theatre link on the left or the various restaurants to access times and dates. Excellent performance groups, individuals, artists, singer-song writers can almost always be found. Make reservations or get there early because these venues are popular and fill up fast..

Stylish boutiques,
outfitters, and contemporary clothing stores sit side by side with restaurants for any taste, budget, and time of day.


Antique stores
are found on side streets and back streets, many of which are walkable, others which may require a vehicle or a trolley ride to explore. The stores are filled with both fine antiques, vintage items and "junktique" items as well, you know, things you threw away years ago you wish you'd kept...



What life all about
if not a little pampering from time to time. Are you into specialty bath items, the finest tea selections, or specialty spices? It is all here in one place for your shopping pleasure. Nearby, walk in for a high style hair treatment while you're at it.



Shops offering fine arts,
antique jewelry, vintage prints and gifts for every occasion are available within a block of each other. A bridal registry is conveniently located in a beautiful shop right on main street.

Don't forget the kids...

Adoreable Children's Clothing & Gifts

Friendly People
It's so easy to fall in love with a small town. People readily share their stories and before you know it, you have a friend and you are no longer a stranger.

Famous People
You may recognize someone famous because there are plenty around, living the good life in and around Franklin, Tennessee.

Outstanding Schools
Maybe you are looking for a quality place to live with excellent schools and quality living.

If not, a visit during normal times or during one of the many special festivals may be just the relaxing ticket for you.



Welcome to
Historic Franklin!

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